New myvi gearbox problem

New myvi gearbox problem

It is very easy to kill an automatic gearbox especially when you have increased horsepower. More often than not, automatic transmission gearboxes fail due to heat, which breaks down the ATF and stresses the gearbox.

Gearboxes are expensive, why take the risk with an ATF with the wrong specification. Do you want to believe them, or the people who build your gearbox and formulate the ATF. Change the correct ATF every 20,km. So change it more often. It is not necessary to do a flush as you would replace almost all the ATF when you change the ATF filter mentioned in the next point.

The filter is really cheap, around RM30 for an aftermarket one. I will change it every 80,km or 3 years, whichever comes first. Installing an ATF cooler will extend the life of the ATF, and more importantly prevent the torque converter from overheating.

As an example, Proton Perdana was notorious for its automatic gearbox incinerating itself, and its facelift model came with an ATF cooler from the factory. The benefits is that as the engine warms up, the coolant in the radiator will warm up as well, which heats up the ATF to operational temperatures. The major downside is that in the event of an internal leak and coolant mixes with ATF, it means bye bye gearbox. Just make a habit to check the ground under the car for any suspicious looking liquids.

Cheap Perodua MYVI Gearbox & Spares

Hopefully these steps will help to ensure your automatic transmission serve you for years to come. Or u can tell me where i can get the A4B-D1. Please tell me i can easily get it. Normally there is one bolt at gear box to determine the atf oil is enough after pour from stick yellow stick. Can you show me where is that bolt on? It is in there. Have YRV-F. NOT Turbo. Auto Box oil never changed.

How do you change the filter? Yes you can drain via sump plug and refill via dip stick tube, that would change about 2L of ATF. You must drop the pan to change the filter. Found it does not have a changeable filter. Instead it uses a strainer which is designed not to be changed so that makes the job simple. Many Thanks.

Skip to content It is very easy to kill an automatic gearbox especially when you have increased horsepower. Change the automatic transmission filter or ATF filter The bottom most black cartridge is the filter.

Learn to drive an automatic correctly Never shift from Reverse to Drive, or Drive to Reverse before the car comes to a complete stop. Never shift to Park until the car comes to a complete stop. Overdrive off or OD off means you are limited to 3 speeds only, suitable for driving in a hilly area or to slow down the car using engine braking when driving downhill.

For normal driving it should always be on.Discussion in ' Perodua ' started by Gail83Nov 8, Zerotohundred Forums. Gail83 New Member. Joined: Oct 28, Messages: 29 Likes Received: 1. Hello All - When my car was parked, it got flooded, and the water came into inside. I didn't start the engine, and it was towed to perodua.

After I collected, and drove to Genting. It impact every time the gear move to higher one, the car choked. They want to change the Gearbox wire first, if it can't help, then it needs to change ECU they are still not sure where the issue is. However, they don't have a stock on the wireand even in Kilang doesn't have as well.

Hence, I need to wait. The car is almost parked there for one month. I can't tahan, I collected, and asked them to let me know if the wire is ready. When I drove back home distance is 10 kmthe AT indicator in dashboard didn't turn on, and I didn't find any issue when Gear is moving to higher gear.

I would kindly like to ask your thought on this - 1. Why the issue is like intermittent, sometime it turn up, and sometime not? Is this due somehow the wire isn't dry properly, and it needs time to let it dry? Should I still go to change the gearbox wire? Or I just need to wait for another time since it needs time to dry properly? Or I should change the wire?

I am bit mad due the wire has no stock for almost 1 month, some more this car is a local car, it is not something that it needs to import from overseas. Do you have any idea if I can check by my own which perodua workshop has this wire? Or do you have a contact number for perodua HQ workshop that I can check for this wire? Do you have any idea how to fix it? Since I am already very frustrated on this?

Do you know where the perodua workshop who has good mechanic? I would like to have 2nd Opinion. My place is near Cheras. Nb: my car is the new MyVi 1. Hello All - Kindly please ask your thoughts on this, and appreciate it much.In short, Perodua would be in a tough position if they were to make a Myvi GT.

The Myvi has matured from being a compact city car to something that can stand up to more traditional offerings — and anyone who has spent a proper amount of time in one can attest to this. But the Myvi GT remains a highly appealing proposition. As a Myvi owner myself, I know full well what the car is capable of in stock form, and how much further it can be taken with a couple of aftermarket tweaks.

new myvi gearbox problem

Beyond the aggressive looks of the Myvi GT, Perodua also slapped on some aftermarket suspension and big Brembo brakes under inch wheels. The seats are also a welcome change from the bench-like position, even if they are essentially re-upholstered SSCUS semi-bucket seats. Now, how much would it cost to make one? A RM 10, premium over a top-spec Myvi 1. Think again. For RM 55, you get the full-fat version of the Myvi with all of the bells and whistles.

Unfortunately, this is where the price starts to go up — and quickly. For wheels, inch Konig or Advantis do the job perfectly well, retailing for around RM 2, a set. In enough volume and with no margins, Perodua could probably source them for RM 1, a set — which is a pretty good deal for inch wheels. The brakes are going to be especially painful to source.

How Much Would It Cost To Make a Perodua Myvi GT?

There are plenty of aftermarket options, but one good example is Wilwoods which go for around RM 4, for the largest front set that will fit very comfortably under inch wheels.

The rear set is a good RM 3, as well, and both prices would be inclusive of the brackets necessary to mount these brakes to the standard Myvi knuckles.

Pricing for basic height-adjustable suspension is cheap at RM 1, or so, although they will need to be dialled in and the downside is a higher service frequency. Even so, the price now stands at RM 65, — and this is before we take a look at aesthetics. Front and rear bumpers, as well as side skirts, can be mighty expensive if not produced in large volumes.

On the inside, the bare minimum to accomplish Myvi GT status would be the seats — a pair of semi buckets with Myvi GT upholstery, along with necessary brackets for installation will come to RM 2, but will allow front occupants to stay in their seats during aggressive manoeuvres. The red trim up front seems superfluous, but would hardly cost a thing to add.

This hypothetical Myvi GT has to be more than a look-fast, corner-fast kind of car. It would have to be a true Malaysian hot hatch, one that fills a vacuum left by the Satria GTI oh-so-many years ago. Unfortunately, no current Myvi powertrain has enough performance potential in naturally aspirated form, no matter how much you throw at it in the form of intake and exhaust modifications.

Aftermarket camshafts and higher compression pistons? No, we need a turbocharged engine — and we need to look to Daihatsu for one. What Perodua could do is build the engine under license, but with a couple of new tuning tricks and a more efficient modern turbo, pushing the output from PS and Nm to between and PS, and to Nm, all without compromising reliability while meeting efficiency targets.

new myvi gearbox problem

Case in point: a new Volkswagen 1. Granted, the 1. With a suitable 5-speed manual gearbox, we can add another RM 1, to the price. Thankfully, we can make a fair assumption that the standard 1. But who is going to pay this much for a Myvi?Sooner or later, you are going to face some issues with your gearbox. Shudder, inefficient temperature distribution, rough shifting, and other similar problems should be dealt with as soon as possible: Having a smooth transmission is not only convenient, important, and unobtrusive, but also safe for the car and, most importantly, you.

Instead of replacing the gearbox, though, you could go the much easier and affordable route and buy a transmission additive. But in most cases, additives should be enough. If a transmission additive sounds like a thing you may need, then our reviews of best brands will surely be of great interest to you! Prolong Super Lubricants PSL additive definitely does work with both automatic and manual transmissions. This additive works by producing molecules that interact with metal surfaces, creating a protective layer to reduce friction and heat within the transmission.

Overall, this additive should be able to smooth out manual shifters and make automatic transmissions more responsive.

Rahsia problem gearbox Perodua Myvi, Alza etc

Packing 8 ounces of additive, this product is pretty pricey, so getting a few packs could cost you quite a bit. However, if you choose this additive, it should deliver great results.

new myvi gearbox problem

If you have shuddering issues with your automatic transmission, then Lubegard Dr. Tranny Instant Shudder Fixx could be the right solution for you. This additive is specifically designed to eliminate torque converter lock-up shudder. In addition, Lubegard says that the Shudder Fixx reduces wear by up to four times compared to regular ATF transmission additives. This Lubegard transmission additive is more about heat protection, though it is also formulated to soften hard shifts and reduce shudder and chatter.

This additive deals with transmission fluid foaming and oxidation, reducing wear and elevated temperatures. If you have issues with cooling in your gearbox, you may want to take a good look at Lubegard Automatic Transmission Fluid Protectant. Lucas Transmission Fix is a highly praised transmission additive for its good balance between price and performance.

Aside from that, at a very attractive price, you receive 24 ounces of the additive. Help to fix a slipping transmission problem. Sea Foam TT is a bit more than a mere transmission additive. This product is also formulated to work with hydraulic and power steering systems, which could allow you to treat other problems your car might have. The Trans Tune Transmission Additive could be a good option if excess moisture is an issue for you, since this additive is formulated to remove that.

This product is meant to magnetically bond the metal components inside the transmission in order to reduce friction and wear. This additive actually includes two solutions: After pouring them into the transmission, you should expect reduced noise, no leaks, no slipping, and no lazy shifts. Aside from that, the additive should help take care of the seals and O-rings in your automatic transmission. The price of this additive is also a good advantage. Just bear in mind that this additive is only designed for automatic transmissions.

Aside from putting the transmission back on track, Liqui Moly ATF Additive could also help you improve the power steering of your vehicle. If you have some issues with both the steering and transmission, this additive could be the best choice for you.

All in all, what this additive should do is regenerate and clean the seals in power-steering systems and transmissions, damp down the shifting, in addition to protecting the components. Unlike the transmission additive products we reviewed previously, Liqui Moly ATF Additive is more of a paste than liquid. This fact makes this product a bit easier to use, by not creating any mixing issues. As you would expect, the ATF Additive is formulated for automatic transmissions only, so keep that in mind.

The very first difference that catches the eye is the fact that it comes in a syringe. Using the additive with a syringe should be much more convenient and easy than using bottled additives. This product is fairly expensive as well.As reportedthe new Daihatsu Sirion has been launched in Indonesia today.

Just one trim level, priced at Rp The Indonesian-spec Sirion 1. The engine is the 1NR-VE 1. Find out more about the homegrown hero in our written and video reviews. Research Perodua Cars at. The new Daihatsu Sirion is expected to be launched in Indonesia tomorrow, with February 13 the date reported by Kompas.

The publication reports that estimated pricing for new Sirion in Indonesia is from Rp juta RM52, for the cheapest variant to Rp juta RM54, for the range topper. The price range was obtained from Daihatsu sales advisors, with actual pricing to be announced at the launch event. The new Myvi, launched here in Novemberis available with 1. The outgoing Indonesian Sirion the previous Myvi was available in the Republic only with the 1. This was revealed by marketing director Amelia Tjandra to Kompas.

The only difference is in the logo, nothing else. The outgoing Indonesian Sirion the previous Myvi is available in the Republic only with the 1. It came very late in the year, but the third-generation Perodua Myvi made a big splash.

Order books opened on November 8ahead of a November 16 launchand as the year closed, the number of bookings stood at 28, Of that, close to 8, units have been delivered.

Especially to our customers who have booked the higher variant, the 1. But having said that, we do have the 1. So customers, if you want your vehicles faster, new Myvi 1. Aminar admitted that the overwhelming response for the bigger-engined, better-equipped Myvi 1.

We were hoping to get a or perhaps kind of ratio in terms of the 1. As to why demand is so heavily skewed towards the 1. The features that we have brought in. Some of the features are available in high-end cars and we made it affordable. The 1. The crash test was done in October this year. The Myvi scored Click to enlarge. In fact, it is the most affordable car with autonomous emergency braking in Malaysia.

To learn more about the new Myvi, check out our written and video reviews of the B-segment hatchback, which is priced from RM44, to RM55, To say that the Perodua Myvi has been a success story would be understating it. Following its arrival on the scene in Maythe five-door B-segment hatch quickly became the best-selling car in the country, a position it held for nine consecutive years before the Axia took over the mantle in The default vehicle choice for many Malaysians has gone through two incarnations the second-gen D54T debuted in June and a production run of more than a million units 1.

new myvi gearbox problem

Now, the baton has been passed to the third-gen D20N Perodua Myviwhich made its debut last month. In just under a month, orders have surpassed the 20, markso we can expect this one to continue where the previous two left off. Exactly a month after the order books were openedPerodua has announced that its car of the moment, the new Myvihas surpassed the 20, milestone in terms of bookings, with 4, units of the third-generation hatchback having been delivered so far.

The company has said that after the launch of the car three weeks ago, the company is now pushing to build enough cars to meet demand. Zahari Husin.The new car is slated to be vastly improved from its current model ,being outdated in terms of safety and specs. The car comes in the usual 1. For what I think, this car, if it were to be imported, would be a force to reckoned with as it is so value for money that in the high spec guise, shames the Mitsubishi Space Star other than its brand name.

Moderators, if you all feel that there should not be a all new Myvi thread for the all new Myviplease kindly transfer it to an old topic. With COE costing more than the cost of the car, profits will be razor thin and it would be interesting to see how this model can succeed in Singapore. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Forums Blogs Marketplace. Perodua Myvi in Malaysian Talk. Recommended Posts. Posted November 12, Seems like nobody started on the Perodua Myvi after searching through the folders. However, the new car is going to rectify all those flaws ,making the wrongs right.

If there is anything to add in after which, I will add in here. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. See what Perodua Sinagpore can offer. Posted November 13, edited. Posted November 13, Bezza so few sales how is the more expensive Myvi going to move?

Myvi quite a good car to drive. Bezza sales already like crap, how's myvi gonna sell. Korean cars are going for 80k with proven reliability over the years. Myvi gotta go below 70k for people to even take notice. What they could do is to do buyers a favour by changing the transmission to a cvt. At least it makes the car more up to date. Even the Vios and the swift changed their choice of automatic gearboxes.

What additive for the transmission to choose?

Perocom would most likely sell the 1. Posted November 16, The Myvi's interior really put some of its similar priced rival to shame. Posted November 17, Perodua kembara manual gearbox transmission, perodua kembara manual gearbox car, perodua kembara manual gearbox diagram, perodua kembara manual gearbox preservation, perodua kembara manual gearbox design, perodua kembara manual gearbox and transfer, perodua kembara manual gearbox conversion, perodua kembara manual gearbox fs17, perodua kembara manual gearbox llc, perodua kembara manual book, perodua kembara baru, new perodua kembaraperodua kembara modified, perodua kembara specification, perodua kembara dvvt, kelab perodua kembara, perodua kembara 4x4, perodua kembara engine parts catalog, kapasiti tangki petrol perodua kembara, perodua kembara aksesori.

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