Good places to have a birthday party

Good places to have a birthday party

Nothing brings you more joy than holding up seven fingers instead of six, and eating cake and pizza with all of your friends.

So pick a space, sit back, and enjoy the party! We know the kids have a blast. Complete with giant inflatable indoor playgrounds, plenty of games and a blow-up birthday throne, Pump It Up is the ultimate destination for birthday parties. Party packages are completely customizable, and include party favors, food, drinks and more. Enjoy a full gauntlet of inflatable bounce houses, and plenty of easy-to-learn games for the little ones to enjoy.

The birthday crew will be treated to a private party room for maximum fun! Enjoy a full hour of free play in the gym complete with trampolines, tumbling mats and moreor play structured games guided by the party professionals.

Afterward, retreat to the party room for cake and presents!

good places to have a birthday party

Parties are offered for up to 20 children, and all of the paper products, food, beverages and supervision are provided. All you have to do is show up and enjoy. Each party includes a complete lineup of party supplies, as well as invitations to be mailed before the event. Do you remember how fun playing dress up was when you were a kid? Choose a theme for the party choices include tea party, Hawaiian, wedding, fashion show and pageantinvite up to 10 guests, and get ready for your child to have a birthday they will never forget.

After each child selects their item of choice, sit down and enjoy one and a half hours of reserved project time to paint and party! After the animal visit, the kiddos can take part in fun crafts, get temporary animal tattoos and enjoy animal-themed games.

Photo courtesy of Fun Plex Waterpark. Enjoy a full day of fun in the summer sun at Fun Plex Waterpark. After splashing through the wave pool and shooting down the slides, your kid and his or her party guests can retreat to the private party room for a little bit of shade, pizza, cake and presents.

Roll your way to a fun birthday at SkateDaze!Whether you're planning a birthday party for yourself or someone else, our comprehensive vendor database has many birthday party venues for adults from which to choose. It's generally a good idea to determine birthday party places early in the planning process as places often book up.

Adult birthday parties are most often celebrated for big milestones like a 30th birthday party, 40th bi Read more Whether you're planning a birthday party for yourself or someone else, our comprehensive vendor database has many birthday party venues for adults from which to choose. Adult birthday parties are most often celebrated for big milestones like a 30th birthday party, 40th birthday party, 50th birthday party, and so on.

Most surprise birthday parties are also for adults rather than kids. Whether you're planning a milestone birthday party, surprise party, or fun theme party, find a birthday party location that will work for your event. Birthday party venues for adults range from bars and restaurants to clubhouses, museums, and hotels.

Many restaurants offer private rooms for birthday parties and other special events. Inquire about birthday party packages to see what's included. Then determine what else you'll need for the party like birthday party decorations and a cake! Laser Tag Movie Theaters Restaurants. Are you a vendor? Register now to list your business on Punchbowl.

All rights reserved. All other product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.If your birthday is coming up soon, you might be starting your plans not quite sure of what you want to do.

And it all starts with choosing the right destination for your celebration. You have to consider the size of the guest list, seasonality and weather, and the activities and restrictions that come with each location. Then prioritize the list to figure out the best option for you. For new ideas, make sure to check out our birthday location ideas below. The following ideas make great birthday party ideas for adults anywhere.

Escape rooms make fun, teamwork-building nights with friends or family. They usually last around an hour, giving you plenty of time to go out to dinner after and keep the celebrations going all night long.

This birthday party idea is a classic for a reason. Just make sure to save room for dessert. Bars and cocktail lounges are fun ways to celebrate a birthday night out with friends. And sometimes, if you call ahead, the bar or cocktail lounge might even designate a signature cocktail for the night in honor of your birthday. Looking for a day or night of relaxation with your friends? Head to the local spa.

Cooking classes are perfect for the culinary minded birthday honoree. Wineries and wine cellars are perfect for wine connoisseurs at any pace.

Either buy a bottle and have a picnic or have a sommelier walk you through a full tasting of their wines. Dine in and luxury movie theaters are growing in popularity, and they also make excellent places to have a birthday party. Sports games are always a fun option for a birthday party. Do you love to sing? Then break out the mic at a karaoke bar and spend the night signing the classics with a few loved ones.

Similar to a winery, breweries are great for tastings, tours, and picnics in the sun. Just remember to always drink responsibly! Go out for a night on the town with your friends. Visit your favorite restaurants and dessert shops, go for a pub crawl, or spend the day shopping at the local boutiques.

Whatever it is, use your birthday as an excuse to go try something new, and bring along a few friends. Sunset and night cruises are a popular destination for birthday celebrations.

Enjoy the fresh sea air and spend the night dancing with all your loved ones. If there happens to be a fun upcoming band, take a group of friends to the concert for your birthday.

good places to have a birthday party

Just ask a few of your favorite fellow hikers to join, pack some of your favorite foods and drinks for a nice picnic lunch in the outdoors, and hit the trails! Birthdays also make the perfect excuse to get out of town. Plan a vacation to a new city, state, or country and ask your loved ones to tag along. Visit your local paint night venue for a party full of friends, canvases, and wine.

Just remember to have your friends sign your painting for the ultimate birthday card.Looking for fun, memorable places to have a birthday party? Check out our guide for locations across the country. Wish the birthday bash and mess wasn't at your house this year? Check out our round-up of best kids' birthday party places. You can trust these venues to throw an amazing party for a minimal cost.

At a bowling partypartygoers will pick up vibrantly colored lightweight balls and head to designated lanes. You let the location know whether you want bumpers and ramps to make the experience easier for younger kids. Most bowling alleys also have pizza and drinks—and you can add cake, balloons, favors, and a pin the kids can sign at an extra cost.

Recommended venue: Lucky Strike. What kid can resist a dip in a swimming pool? You can choose a venue with lifeguards on staff, who will lead activities like water games, rafting, and relay races with kickboards.

Adults might be able to get in the water, too. No wonder a swimming pool is one of the best places to have a birthday party! Recommended venue: Aqua-Tots Swim School. Staff members lead water games in the indoor pool, which is generally 4 feet deep. After swimming, it's off to the party room, which is decked out in one of ten-plus themes you choose from, including mermaids and monsters.

The price includes cake, balloons, themed decorations, and drinks. Pizza is available at an extra charge. Let kids expend their energy by jumping on inflatable toys.

A specialized bounce house venue is one of the most fun birthday party places for kids. Recommended venue: BounceU, where partygoers and at least two staff play for 45 minutes. For an older crowd, you might want to opt for a "cosmic" bounce: The kids get glow-in-the-dark accessories and bounce with the lights off. The drinks, decorations, and invitations are included; you can add pizza, favors, and more kids at an extra cost.Based in Manchester, U.

Baker is experienced in both television and print journalism, and holds a Bachelor of Arts broadcast journalism from Salford University. As your tween begins to outgrow the simple jelly and ice-cream parties she once enjoyed as a child, planning a birthday party she will love can become increasingly difficult.

Not quite children, but not yet teenagers, many year-olds crave a party that offers them a little more independence. However, with a little careful planning there are many options available that offer the right amount of supervision and freedom to keep both mom and child happy. For year-old girls who have begun to take an interest in fashion, the mall is the ultimate birthday destination.

Invite along a few of her friends for a girly day out trying on clothes and accessories. If the budget allows, create favor bags with a gift certificate for a small amount that each of the girls can use purchase a memento of the day. Set challenges for each of the girls to recreate different styles of outfits, such as "prom princess" or "rock chick. Finding the perfect party venue does not need to involve spending a small fortune on a privately hired dedicated venue. Throw a slumber party with a twist and arrange a back garden campout that either boys or girls will enjoy.

A campout will allow preteens the feeling of independence, while parents can rest assured that the children are close by. Party activities may include cooking on an open fire, card games and campfire stories. A bowling alley party will offer plenty of activity and entertainment to keep preteens occupied for several hours. Many bowling alleys are well equipped at dealing with parties of children with most offering a variety of party packages. Hire out a portion of the on-site restaurant where your child and guests can dine after several games of bowling.

Take along a few small prizes for the winners and losers to liven up the game. Many year-olds are bursting with excess energy, and an amusement park is just the place to burn it off. As no special booking arrangements are required prior to your visit, there is minimum stress involved, other than where to eat for lunch. Amusement parks get particularly full during peak seasons such as the summer vacation, so make sure you arrive when the gates open to make the most out of the day.

Pin Share Tweet Share Email. Mall Party. Garden Campout. Bowling Alley. Amusement Park. Show Comments.Here you will find some of the ideas for kids birthday party venues. It is very difficult to keep a bunch of year olds confined in a limited space or for that matter even 2 year olds would be enjoying a lot more when given ample freedom to run, play and explore.

Hence, the best option is to throw the party at a much more feasible place than your home. Also, you are free to enjoy the party yourself without worrying about all the cleaning that has to be done after the party is over. Now comes the tricky part and that is deciding on places to have a birthday party.

There are a number of factors that are to be considered before finalizing the place. The location, the safety measures as we are dealing with kids here and also the place being age appropriate for the children, all such things are to be kept in mind. So, to make it easier for you here are some great ideas for you and your little one to enjoy the birthday parties. So you can search these kinds of places to have a birthday party around your city and states. An absolute suggestion for kids birthday party place to treat for kids between years of age, especially if you see a budding surfer in your kid.

Contact a surf club so that you can have a professional guide to supervise the children when they hit the waves. This will also ensure the safety of the kids while surfing.

The Best Kids’ Birthday Party Places

There are things that you need to make sure before confirming the club, firstly the coaches themselves should be well qualified and secondly, whether the club is providing with the surfing accessories or not.

Do not forget to carry other necessary supplies like sunscreen, towels, goggles, hats etc. One of the most beloved places to have a birthday party is the pool party. Think of an appropriate theme; toss some balloons in the water and some colorful swim floats of various shapes and sizes as in accordance with the theme.

Get banners to make it more alive and festive. Kids would love a squirt gun and a beach ball to play with. To all this add on the kids favorite but easy to serve foods like ice-cream sandwiches and popsicles, lemonade, small burgers and so on. Let your child dive into a world of fun and enjoyment.

good places to have a birthday party

Ice- skating birthday parties have become extremely popular in kids birthday party venues in the last few years. It can be thrown for a 4 year old to a 14 year old kid. Especially teenagers would love to have one like this. Most of the time the equipment and accessories are provided by the organizers but you should personally make sure of that yourself as well. There are trained skaters to give introductory skating lessons to the kids and then they are free to find out their skating legs.

Adults can also join the kids and enjoy with them. Do you have a young dancer in your home? Then what better idea for kids birthday party places for girls and boys than a dance party in dance studios? Dance studios have professional instructors who prepare a fun-filled routine for the kids as per the theme of the party.

A perfect way to a groovy birthday that the children will enjoy to the fullest. So go ahead and get your child to find some new moves. You will have to pre-book the arena hence keep in mind to plan it a little before time. Such venues offer various sports activities like Gymnastics, Climbing, Archery, Football, Trampolining etc.

Whichever of the sport is loved by your child can be chosen for the party. Such kids party venues can be selected for 5 years old to 15 year olds.

For kids under 5 years of age, there is usually a pre-school gymnastic party keeping in mind the needs of the children. So book it before someone else hits the goal. A perfect party plan for even one year olds. There are numerous activities that can be enjoyed by the kids. This party can be planned as per your budget.Few days back I have got a comment on one of my post where an anonymous reader asked me to suggest him some good places to have a birthday party.

The Best Kids’ Birthday Party Places

My reaction was, WHAT? So it was quite difficult for me to suggest him some good place near his residential state or country. So here I am, today I will be sharing with you some good places to have birthday parties.

I might not be specific to your country or state as I am really not aware but I will give you ideas on what kind of places you can consider. May be in future I might write a dedicated post for specific places but for now I will give you suggestive general birthday party places. Here I will give you a list of ideas of places where you can celebrate the birthday party or for your dear ones. This will help you connect well with the situation. As I said, here I will give you a list of places where to have a birthday party for your self or anyone else.

You will find a lot of interesting things, so stay tuned and enjoy the list. You must have imagined from the title I guess and I know you are excited about it. Celebrating birthday on a roof top restaurant or bar is really fun. With the amazing view from the top and with a good ambiance you can make the birthday memorable and special.

One of my friends booked a hotel rooftop for celebrating his birthday last weekend. Standing at floor above the ground is something everyone wants to experience, so I guess this would make your guest also very excited.

If the guest are happy and excited thus your birthday party is success. So where ever you stay whether in London, Paris or N. Y, you can find any rooftop place to book for events. Book the place in advance and make your birthday party memorable. You might have planed your birthday in a house, hotel or any event venue but I am sure you have not experienced how fun and amazing it could be to celebrate a birthday near nature.

I am talking about a camp near river side surrounded by valleys and nature. Believe me it could be one of your best birthday experience in your life time. You can organize it yourself or with help of any guide or may be you can hire any birthday event company to organize it for you.

You can have bonfire, music, food, drinks and off course the guest at this party. This kind of party is suitable for any age group but youngies will enjoy it more. Book a beach side villa for a happening party, What say? I personally find it very exciting to attend any beach side villa party.

I have shared this experience before also with my readers and would like to share here as well. Last year my friend booked a villa in GOA, which is in India. He listed few of his close friend, in which I was also the one. It was not very big in size but yes was good enough to feel the heaven for the young boys. We enjoyed the whole night partying, dancing and playing games. So if you stay near the beaches, then go for it. What about a birthday party in a tree house?

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